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email: info@pastawithlove.com

As our name implies, we love making pasta and take extreme pride in the work that we do. Our staff is composed of dedicated “sfogline” or pasta makers who roll out each pasta sheet with incredible love and passion! Their talent and dedication to producing top quality pasta makes them the strongest part of our team!

In addition, we have an English-Speaking staff for all international clients and offer personal assistance when required. There is swift & efficient communication between our office team, production and shipping to ensure that you receive the best customer service possible.

We believe that every link in our chain plays a vital role in delivering our top quality product.

We offer you the possibility of receiving support for recipes, cooking methods, combinations.

For any questions concerning the preparation of your pasta, please let us know and we will be happy to provide you with advice regarding the best way to cook it! Do not hesitate to contact us for recipe ideas, cooking methods or the best sauces to go with each kind of pasta. Nothing would make us happier than to provide you with the tools you need to prepare the most authentic pasta dishes.